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We’re proud to have matched more than $900 million in small business loans to thousands of businesses from a wide range of industries. As banks continue to make it hard for small businesses to get funded quickly, we continue to work with our vast network of business lenders to obtain the funding small business owners need to operate their businesses.

Moreover, we find them the funding they need fast — which delights our customers. Our goal is to get rid of the difficulties they encounter with traditional business lenders and make it easy to get adequate and appropriate funding by way of working capital loans, accounts receivable loans or business lines of credit. With our network of business lenders, bad credit isn’t an issue either.

Our Mission Is Your Success

AmCap Financial is democratizing small-mid sized business funding. As the Internet has given rise to new online business lenders, aggregators and social collective funding, our mission is to provide small and mid-sized businesses across America with access to flexible business funding options through our vast lender network. Our vision is to bring funding solutions to small and mid-sized businesses that may not necessarily fit the traditional bank and non-financial institutional lending model.

AmCap Financial strives to facilitate suitable small to mid-sized business financing from multiple business lenders, provide transparency, and lower interest rates. We believe as long as AmCap Financial continues to help our client’s businesses grow by facilitating funds from the right lenders with the right programs, AmCap Financial will continue to grow as well.

The Consultative Approach

We believe in the consultative sale. We like to educate our clients on all their options and let them choose. They know their business model. They know what they’re comfortable with. AmCap Financial salespeople achieve their results because they have detailed knowledge of the industry. The staff’s understanding of alternative finance doesn’t end with sales but also includes underwriting and finance. That’s what makes you an outstanding and knowledgeable sales rep.

Doing The Right Thing, Is The Best Thing

AmCap Financial doesn’t make double-digit commissions because our company isn’t over-charging merchants. Our company does not obtain excess funding that a customer can’t afford or increase the factor rate to dangerous levels.

You’re not really helping the merchant by providing too much capital, you’re sucking the blood out of them before they go away. That’s not why we're in business.

Integrity in the workplace can also spill over into other parts of a person’s life. This is a founding principle at AmCap Financial. We believe that our success is tied to client success and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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